Project team

University of Leon (ULe - Spain)

Teresa María López

Teresa María López

Project Coordinator

Associate Professor (Food Hygiene and Food Technology Department, FHT). PhD in Veterinary Sciences. Wide experience in teaching and research on meat microbiology, food biotechnology, food safety. Wide experience in the organization of workshops and events on food science topics. President of the Food Scientists and Technologists Association of Castilla and León. Vicedean of the Veterinary Faculty during 18 years. Previous experience in ERAMUS+ projects (EFOODSCIENCE, INNODAIRYEDU), where was the leader of the ULe team.

Javier Mateo

Full professor (FHT)

More than 25 years of experience (teaching and research) on meat and meat products (meat science and technology and food analysis). Participation in national competitive research projects regarding meat quality, oxidative stability, volatiles, microbiology, sensory characteristics, and ageing; author of 65 publications indexed in the Scopus database. The goals of my research have been to provide the small and medium enterprises with knowledge and technologies on how to improve efficiency, quality, shelf-life or prepare new products.

Jesús A. Santos

Jesús A. Santos

Full Professor (FHT)

PhD in Biology. Currently working on the application of molecular techniques to improve the safety of foods with a particular focus on antimicrobial-resistant bacteria and biocontrol of foodborne microorganisms. Research interest: Food Microbiology, Foodborne Pathogens, Molecular techniques for microbial detection, quantification and identification. Wide teaching experience in Food Microbiology and related topics.

José María Rodríguez

Associate Professor (FHT)

Agricultural Engineer (2000), and B.Sc. in Food Science and Food Technology (2004). Research fields: molecular typing of foodborne pathogens; microbial control of foods; antimicrobial resistance in the food chain. Principal researcher in several research projects (7). collaborator in others (10), published 24 JCR-papers and some chapter books (7). Wide experience in teaching on FST topics, including Food Safety and Legislation in the following Degrees: Veterinary, Food Science and Technology, Biotechnology and Agricultural Engineering.

Avelino Álvarez Ordóñez

Avelino Álvarez

Associate Professor (FHT)

PhD in Veterinary Sciences. Research on food techonology and food safety and, in particular, in the field of this proposal, in novel meat preservation technologies, including high pressure processing and biopreservation, the persistence of biological hazards in the meat production chain, and the evaluation of the microbiome and resistome of meat and meat processing industries. Member of the Panel on Biological Hazards of the European Food Safety Authority.

Sonia Andrés Llorente
Sonia Andrés Llorente
Sonia Andrés Llorente

Javier Giráldez


Scientific researcher at CSIC since 1995. PhD on Veterinary Medicine. Assistant Professor at ULE, lecturing in animal nutrition and production and did a postdoctoral stay at Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, in Aberdeen (UK). Research activity in the fields of ruminant nutrition and production, author of 117 SCI articles (76 Q1). Combines his research activity with academic and training activities (supervision of 14 doctoral theses and 6 master’s theses) and giving classes and conferences to students and technicians related to animal production.

Sonia Andrés

PhD in Veterinary Sciences and Researcher of the CSIC

Teaching past experience at the Department of Animal Production of the ULE (Assistant professor). Research lines on Animal Nutrition in ruminants (nutritive value, feed efficiency, nutritional programming) and the interaction with other transversal traits such as, for example, the quality of the product (meat/milk), the immunological response or the reproductive parameters of the animals.

Daniela C. Solo

Doctor en Medicina Veterinaria por la Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG, Brasil). Investigador de la U. de León (Departamento de Higiene de los Alimentos y Tecnología de los Alimentos).

Masha Dehnavi

Maestría en Medicina Veterinaria por la Universidad de Teherán (Irán). Estudiante de Doctorado en la U. de León (Departamento de Higiene de los Alimentos y Tecnología de los Alimentos).

In the team there are also 2 laboratory technicians (Aurelia Justel y Rosa Vidal), with PhD or Degree and one computer technician (Yolanda Martínez) expert in MOOC (moodle).

University of Thessaly (UTH - Greece)

The UTH team (8) belong to the departments of Animal Science (AS), Nutrition and Dietetics (ND) and Lab. Of Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (LMIE):

Eleni Malissiova

Senior Expert (AS)

Associate Professor in Quality, Safety and Technology of Food of Animal Origin. Research interests related to food of animal origin hygiene, safety and quality and Food Regulatory affairs.

Athanasios Manouras

Senior Expert (ND)

Professor of Food Chemistry with over 30 years experience in industry and academia in relation to food analysis. Research interests in nutritional characterization of foods and food authenticity.

Maria Alexandraki

Junior Expert (AS)

Special teaching Staff of Food of Animal Origin Technology, MSc in Quality Assurance and over 20 years’ experience in the Food Industry.

Lamprini Dimitriou

Junior Expert (AS)

Food Scientist with and MSc in Environmental Health and Public Health, currently PhD candidate on Food of animal origin authenticity.

Themistoklis Giannoulis

Senior Expert (AS)

Assistant Professor in Genomics, Evolutiona and Biodeversity. His research interests relate to the study of the genetic diversity of indigenous breeds that may contribute to PDOs

Glykeria Karaggouni

Senior Expert (LMIE)

Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Production Technologies. Current research interests in the fields of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation with a particular interest in Strategic and Industrial Management, Strategic and knowledge-based Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Production Management, Technology management and Capabilities, focusing further on SMEs, low-and-medium-tech industries and internationalization and, lately in bio-economy and circular economy.

Marios Trigkas

Senior Expert (LMIE)

Associate Professor in Economics and Innovation. His research interests are Innovation, Economics of Innovation and businesses, Entrepreneurship, Innovation management, funding, Circular Economy and Bioeconomy.

Ioannis Papadopoulos

Senior Expert (LMIE)

Professor in Business economics –marketing. Current research interests: Market research, applied marketing of businesses, economic analysis, business economics, consumers behavior, management of family businesses, innovation, social entrepreneurship, circular economy, bioeconomy.

University of Parma (UNIPR - Italy)

UNIPR has a longstanding tradition in collaborating with many institutions worldwide in terms of high skills education, as well as research and innovation. Several bachelor, masters, and PhD relevant to the topic are offered by UNIPR, such as food science and technology and zootechnical sciences and technologies of animal productions. Within courses offered by both Food and drug and Veterinary department, classes regarding specifically meat science are taught.

All the members of the UNIPR team (5) belong to the Department of Food and Drug:

Benedetta Bottari

Benedetta Bottari

Associate professor at UNIPR

Associate professor at UNIPR with a long experience on food microbiology. She led UNIPR team in the Erasmus+ project InnodairyEdu (2018-1-EL01-KA203-047844), on the innovation of dairy science education. BB has been teaching food microbiology in bachelor, masters, and postgraduates’ courses. BB is member of several teaching boards, including the Food science PhD. She taught also to professionals in specific courses. BB is member of the Food Project board at the university of Parma.

Elena Bancalari

Elena Bancalari

Assistant professor

Food Technologist doing research and teaching at UNIPR on food microbiology. Member of the Italian Society of Agro-Food and Environmental Microbiology (SIMTREA) and the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS). EB is member of Food Science PhD board at UNIPR. EB taught food microbiology and technology in technical and higher schools. In 2018 she was awarded with FEMS Research and training grant and, in 2019 with the SIMTREA research and training grant.

Sergio Ghidini

Sergio Ghidini

Associate professor

VMD with a specialization in animal health and farm hygiene and a PhD in Food Hygiene. Local coordinator of the EU project H2020-SFS-2016-2017 Validation of Point-of-Care Detection Instrument. Member of the organizing committee of EFSA summer school on “one Health”. Organizer of the Training school on “future Meat safety” within the RIBMINS COST action. He works on innovative meat inspection techniques.

Marcello Alinovi

Marcello Alinovi

Associate professor

Teaches Technologies of Dairy and Meat Products, and Technology of Functional Foods. In 2019, he was awarded with the EIT food innovator fellowship. Major research activities are currently focused on the impact of innovative food process technologies. Author of 20 international publications in peer-reviewed journals and participated in 14 scientific conferences. Part of the Erasmus+ InnoDairyEdu project and he is currently involved in the SUSFOOD2-FOSC project IPSUS.

Emma Chaivaro

Emma Chiavaro

Associate professor

Teaching experience in several Food Technology courses and supervised several theses for BSc and MSc courses in Food Science and Technology. Author of more than 180 publications and acts as participant and principal investigator of granted national and international research projects. Research and teaching activity mainly covering the technology of oils and fats and the meat processing and shelf-life.

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (UWM - Poland)

The Faculty has an established coopetition with several meat producers. The Faculty staff have an experience in conducting international educational projects such as InnoEduDairy and many research projects.

All the members of the UWM team (3) belong to the Department of Meat Technology and Chemistry, Faculty of Food Sciences:

Monika Modzelewska-Kapituła

Senior Expert

Habilitation in Agricultural Sciences in the field of food technology and nutrition – technology and chemistry of meat and meat products (2016). Teaching (from 2006): Meat technology and chemistry; Poultry and Eggs Production Technology; Health-promoting additives to meat products; Innovative food technology and techniques. Expertise in meat and meat products. Published over 100 research and review papers. Didactic (Spain, USA), research
(Spain) and industrial (Poland) internships.

Katarzyna Tkacz

Senior Expert

Doctor of agricultural sciences in the field of food technology and nutrition. Teaching (from 1991): Hydrocolloids in meat processing; Contemporary trends in the production of meat preparations; Poultry and Egg Production Technology. Expertise in meat thermal and no-thermal treatment, energy aspects of selected technological processes in the food industry and their impact on the environment. Published about 77 research and review papers. Industrial, didactic and research internship (Poland, Italy).

Weronika Zduńczyk

Junior Expert

Master of Science in agricultural sciences in the field of food technology and human nutrition; Ph.D. Candidate at the Doctoral School at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. Her research areas focus on the quality of meat and processed meat products. 2018-2021 – member of the Scientific Circle of Meat Technologists; 2021-present – Chairman of the Scientific Circle of Meat Technologists (Department of Meat Technology and Chemistry, Faculty of Food Science, UWM in Olsztyn).

Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB - Portugal)

IPB is part of the Portuguese and European system of science and technology through the existence of R&D labs with impact and excellence of its scientific production and applied research, namely at U-Multirank, Scimago Institutions Rankings, Shanghai Ranking and World’s Universities.

Alfredo Teixeira

Full professor

Animal Science Department. Has skills in Animal Science. ultrasounds, image analysis, carcass evaluation and quality of meat and meat products. Projects: BisOlive. Use of olive pomace in the feeding of Bísaro pork. Evaluation of the effect on growth and meat quality; BISOVICAP New sheep, goat and pork meat products; BISIPORC Growth potential of Bísara pigs and the physicochemical characteristics of meat; The use of ultrasounds to assess sheep and goat carcass and body composition (

Sandra Rodrigues

Adjunt professor and Etelvina Pereira is lab. technician of the Animal Science Department, experts in physic-chemical and sensory analysis.

Luis Dias

Environment and Natural Resources Department. Expert in NIRs meat calibrations; electronic devices to assess meat quality (electronic tongue).

Marina Castro

Environment and Natural Resources Department. Agroforestry systems: ecological, social and economic approaches. Potential greenhouse gas emissions mitigation through increased grazing pressure

Centro Tecnológico de la Carne de Galicia (CTC - Spain)

Jose M. Lorenzo

Project manager, Head of Research at CTC, and Associate Professor at the U. de Vigo (Spain)

Principal researcher in three European projects, 9 national projects and 58 regional projects with meat industries. Participation in more than 110 projects. Recognized in 2021 by the Expertscape ranking as the world’s leading expert on meat.

Mirian Pateiro

Senior researcher

Ph.D. degree in FST at U. of Vigo (Spain). Senior Researcher at the CTC. Participation in more than 25 projects as research collaborator. Author of 180 scientific articles and 25 book chapters.

Rubén Domínguez

Senior researcher

Ph.D. degree in FST in the U. of Vigo (Spain). Collaborator in several research projects in Food Technology and Meat Science in the last 11 years. Author of 152 papers in high impact peer-reviewed
international journals, 27 book chapters.

In the team there are also 4 technicians (Roberto Bermúdez, Laura Purriños, Gloria García and Adriana González), with PhD or Degree, wide experience in different analytical techniques in the fields of Physico-chemical Laboratory, Nutritional and Sensory Analysis Laboratories and Microbial and Molecular Biology Laboratory.

4obs Accounting & Consulting (4Obs - Greece)

4obs Consulting having humanistic culture, are focusing on achieving goals, utilizing sources of growth, investment and financing and managing the most of business evolution by applying innovative “tools” and dynamic methodological approaches. In this context, 4obs Consulting provide expert advisory services (support to find new funding opportunities, holding on to most of European and national support programs and investments aiming the development of the entrepreneur, the development of the business itself and employees with a vision to improve the position of the Greek market in the operational process.

Areti Xatzi

Stergios Zarkanelas