In order to explain the E-platform function and the contents to students, professors and professionals, several activities will be organised by the academic partners. The added value of the specific activities would be:

standardisation of the material used by tutors, realisation of the training with students in real time in order to assess feasibility and efficiency and evaluation of the material by tutors and students, and immediate improvement. These activities will also help to detect possible dysfunctions in the platform and even gaps or errors in the training material produced. In addition, the platform will be disseminated through several events.

Train the trainers (intensive program for teaching staff)

participants (minimum 20/university) for the learning activity “train the trainers” are members (researchers/academics) of the Consortium which will be trained on the produced training material. The selection is made upon expertise. Train the trainers activity will be an hybrid event (taking place both in person and virtually through the platform) in each partner’s organisation (except 4Obs, that will give support in the dissemination).

This will be a “train the trainers” session focused on the material developed and in order initially to familiarise tutors with what has been developed but also to receive their constructive comments after putting hands on the job, as to improve the material. The event will last 2-4 hours. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Train the trainees (intensive program for students)

Students (minimum 20/university) to participate in the event will be those who at the time will be attending the meat science module. They will comment on the use of the platform, how easy it is to use, possible mismatches, that the partners will take into consideration to improve it. This event will take place in person (or online) in each university of the partnership and will be addressed to the FST/FS students. The event will last 2-4 hours. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Summer school

Specific event to disseminate the platform, intensive learning activity, with the final material. For students attending or attended Meat Science modules, postgraduate (6 per university) + 2 tutors per university. The event will take place in IPB (PO).

Multiplier events

Six events (1/academic/research organization). These events will leverage the host partner’s academic, research and meat industry network to attract key stakeholders and policy makers from Associated Partners and other target audiences to disseminate project outputs related to the project.

Connection with the industry events

The Entrepreneurship activity will be led by UTH and the Case study activity will be led by 4obs and all partners will have input.