Innovative digital tools applied to sustainable Meat Science and Technology Higher Education: a link between industry and academia





InnoMeatEdu refers to the development of innovative, digital training material for students and professionals of the meat sector. The topics of the educational material will be selected based on the evaluation of the current curricula in the participating universities and also taking into consideration the views of the meat industry based on the lapses they identify in their technically specialized personnel.


Use the potential of Europe’s human and social capital originating from higher education’s institutes and the meat industry, in order to exchange and transfer knowledge and know-how in meat science and technology education, by the creation and development of a network that will provide opportunities for cooperation among stakeholders, in order to foster employability and socio-educational and personal development, as well as participation in civic and social life.

Work packages

The aim of this WP is to evaluate the competences (knowledge and skills) developed in Meat Science and Technology in the Food Science/FSTechnology of the European Higher Education organizations of the countries participating. This analysis will be carried out by identifying the courses in this HE studies offered by the academic partners which include contents and skills in meat science and technology. Also, online questionnaires will be designed to be sent to the target groups (students, professors and professionals of the meat sector) and will be disseminated by the partners. These questionnaires will include a list of possible topics that would be of interest to develop in the training material, but also there will be the possibility to suggest new topics of interest. U. of Parma will lead this work package.


In order to explain the E-platform function and the contents to students, professors and professionals, several activities will be organised by the academic partners.

The added value of the specific activities would be: standardisation of the material used by tutors, realisation of the training with students in real time in order to assess feasibility and efficiency and evaluation of the material by tutors and students, and immediate improvement. 

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